Research themes


Communication Media and Community

We are interested how to change a community with communication media.

Social Simulation ( Multi agents simulation )

Web designing

e-Learning system


Designing of community by using Neko Media.


A novel information media using homeless cats is introducing in order to activate local community. Your life style has changed greatly with the appearance of new media. The appearance of the newspaper generates public opinion, and the popularization of television accelerate our consumption desires. Especially, transmitting information at high speed became possible with new media, e.g. internet in recent years. The fact makes thin communications between local region peoples though it can be connect far away people. In this research, it aims at the activation of a regional community by using homeless cats,which often taken up as a problem in the region, as a media. The media is composed of web site, data base system and translation system. An information on a cat is input to the data base through the web site. And the data is translated into cat's word and represented. A communication through this media makes new community that centered on a homeless cat.

Supporting conceptual design process.

A representational model of interactive artifacts is presented as a means of describing interactions between human and artifacts base on alethic, deontic and temporal aspects of interaction. The model is defined to have three layers corresponding to these modalities. The base layer represents causal relations governed by physical laws or effects, the main layer represents state transitions by unrestricted operations, and the top layer represents the restrictions on operations by teleological necessities derived from designers' intentions. The close interaction between the three layers describes the interaction between designers, operators and environments via the artifact. An ontological analysis of operations and physical causal relations for artifacts is also presented, a premise that is particularly beneficial for modeling interactive artifacts.

Design of action including enjoyment.

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The inclusion of enjoyment in the structure and operation of artifacts is discussed. While the concepts of "comfort" and "attractiveness" are generally considered in design, "enjoyment" and "fun" are also important aspects of artifacts. Enjoyment can be derived from the operation of artifacts, and is an inherent feature of the structure and material of the artifact. The relationship between an operation and the operator's mental state is elucidated, and examples of artifacts providing enjoyment are presented based on this investigation. Furthermore, an objective method of estimating enjoyment included in operation is proposed. The method is based on the fact that operators feel passing slowly when they have a enjoyable time. This research has applications in product development, and may help to alleviate the constriction felt by users in the operation of objects designed by the "function first" principle.

Education system with "Profit of inconvienience"

Profit of inconvienience is a concept of reviewing the value of the kick between moves. It is an antithesis to the request of the ministry labor making and the automation.

Graduation theses

  • A study on the relation between understanding and discovering based on profits of an inconvenience (2007)
  • A study of interface design focused on colors of items (2007)
  • An analysis of communication media by using channel theory (2007)
  • An equipment devices control system by using petrinet (2007)
  • A propose of an e-learning system for class education (2007)
  • A study of media art which makes conversions of feelings (2007)

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