• Staff
    • Hidetsugu SUTO (Professor)
      • e-mail:suto(at)sdlabo.net

Dr. Hidetsugu Suto is a professor of the System Design Laboratory, established in 2006 at Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan. Dr. Hidetsugu Suto has received his Informatics Diploma from the Kyoto University, Japan (2004). He has joined Muroran Institute of Technology in 2006. His interests focus on communication and media informatics that include community design, Kansei engineering (affective Engineering), cognitive science, and education system. He is working for projects in which he proposes novel communication systems based on BI/MB concept. He is a member of The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE), The Japan Society of Kansei Engineering (JSKE), and The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI). He got the best paper awards from SICE (2003) and JSKE (2016). He also got the best presentation awards from Human interface Society (2004, 2006) and JSKE (2009).

  • Activities
    • The Third International Symposium on Humanized Systems(ISHS'07), Organizing Committee (Local Arrangement)
    • 2008 IEEE Conference on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications(SMCia/08), Organizing Committee (Publicity Chairs)
    • The 4th International Workshop on Computational Intelligence and
    • International Multi-Conference on Biometrics and Kansei Engineering (ICBAKE2009), Organizing Committee
    • The 8th International Workshop on Social Intelligence Design (SID2009), Program Committee
    • The 9th International Workshop on Social Intelligence Design (SID2010), Program Committee
    • HuCARE2011 The Conference on Emotional Smart Technology as Driving Force, Committee
    • Special Session on Learning Systems in Dynamic Environments in The 6th International Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems and The 13th International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems, Program Committee, Nov.20 - 24, 2012, Kobe, Japan
    • SICE2014 committee
  • Member
    • Ponnapa MUSIKAPUN [DC (from Thailand)]
    • Zijie ZHANG [DC (from China)]

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